1992 20-year SHS Class Reunion Video (Note: songs had to be removed prior to publication due to YouTube copyright laws.)

Following are class pictures from Wheeler Grade School, 1959 - 1966.  Missing is Mrs. Greiner's 5th grade class.

John Bainbridge and Mrs. Layne (Kindergarten), John Bainbridge and Mrs. Reid (First Grade)

John Bainbridge and Miss Parks (Second Grade); John Bainbridge and Mrs. Payer and Miss Rebber (Grades 3-4)

John Bainbridge and Mrs. Cleveland, Third Grade

John Bainbridge and Mrs. Hall, Fourth Grade; George McClelland and Mrs. Denius, Fifth Grade

George McClelland and Mr. Preheim, Sixth Grade; George McClelland and Miss Janet Foltz, Sixth Grade

More photos of Mr. Preheim's class

Wheeler 1st Grade Class photos taken by teacher, Mrs. Reid.

1992: 20-Year Class Reunion:

1982: 10-Year Class Reunion:

Clayton Foxworthy:  Weekend Party 73-74                                                    

Teresa Tabucchi and Clayton Foxworthy - prom 1971

10-year reunion-1982 

1972 Spring Break Ft. Lauderdale.  Steve, Bill, Clayton (kneeling), Tom, Kyle

Clayton, Kyle, Mal playing some pool.

Mark Hittle guarded by Don Strouse with Don Watson as the referee in the background

Mark Hittle with the ball

From our freshman year: An early morning pep rally for the swim team as they prepare for the 1969 state swimming meet.

"Hello Dolly";  Dan Laskowski on the left, Becky Cox in the middle and Bob McAllister (class of 1973) on the right.  

Patty Smith, Terri Kottardis, Sandy Bland, Debbie Harmon

Mrs. Grace Hine, Herr George Roe, Mr. Frank Hamilton

Tom Hanna, Pep Band

  SHS Football on Friday nights, Esther Barker

Pam Anderson, Sandi Niederhauser, Deb Witherbee, Tim Maloney

Katherine Ramsay, Peggy Pierce (Oh, those awful light blue gymsuits we had to wear.)

First Earth Day:  John Thompson, Kyle Oslos;  John Thompson, Bill Ruckman

The "Lunch Ladies"

Kim Eggert; Margaret Grande; Pam Anderson - Senior Day

Viddy Comsa, Brian Doak, Pam Davies

Freshman Football

Gene Perkins; Pam Davies; Jerry Love

Becky Cox, Burl Ridgeway; Mal McArthur; Suzanne Dault; Mari Medenwald

Leaving Senior Day - 1972; Mr. Fishback

Becky Toms, Donna Williams, Vickie Wing; Varsity Band

Class of '72 autographs; Principal Floyd Troth

Spanish Club

Speedway Journal page; Pam Richardson and boyfriend; Elaine Rogers and Pam Richardson

8th Grade: Back row: Becky Horner (with little Connie Bainbridge, John Bainbridge's daughter), Fran Huber, Mary Ellen Click, Laura Sunkel, Sherry Eschenbach and Front Row: Elaine Fox, Kathryn Karst, Elaine Rogers, Kathy Harris, and Pam Richardson.  Next photo: Kathryn Karst

First photo includes Mary Ellen Click, Kathleen Trager, Elaine Rogers, Janet Crider and Pam Richardson.  Second photo is Kathleen Trager, Janet Crider and Pam Richardson.

Elaine Rogers, Sherrie Craig, Janet Crider.  Second photo is Janet Crider and Pam Richardson at Meadowood Park - the tall slide.

Bill Linville's 1964 Mustang.  Photo taken summer, 1971.

Don Strouse  - He is battling Dementia.  This was a pickleball tournament fund-raiser held in his honor, July, 2022

2022 SHS Class Reunion Planning Committee - Kathy Harris Perry, Becky Toms Rayburn, Jerry Land, Joe Wilson, Don Watson (not pictured:  Phyllis Draper, Clayton Foxworthy, Mark Hittle)

Speedway Flyer article regarding National Merit Semifinalists from the class of 1972!

Brian Doak & Pam Davies as Tommy & Fiona in the musical Brigadoon 

SHS Marching Band;  "Hello Dolly" Musical Directors: Mr. Wise, Mr. Spangler, ? choreographer, Pam Davies

Preston Sinks and Viddy Comsa

The chorus from "Camelot"

Pam Davies

SHS Band 500 Flag Corps

Terry Kottardis and Margaret Grande

Terry Kottardis

Viddy Comsa and Patti Smith

Suzanne Dault

Donna Williams, Joy Shaw and Robbie  Barnes

Viddy Comsa and Patti Smith

Donna Williams, Sandy Bland, Robbie Barnes and Patti Smith

Donna Williams and Vicki Wing (Donna's Birthday, 1972); Donna Williams and Gail Bell; Patti Smith and Jo Ann Brooks-graduation; 

Linda Bane; Lynne Ehlebracht and Linda Bane; Linda Bane,  Vicki Wing, Lynn Ehlebracht, and Gail Bell

Vicki Wing; Sandy Bland, Donna Williams, Patti Smith, Robbie Barnes

1958 Birthday Party at Carey Crittenden's House on Eisenhower.  Several of our classmates are in the photos.

1959-Kathy Harris and Sherrie Craig at Kathy's house on Maplewood Dr.

Nancy Baird; Dan Laskowski and Becky Cox - both photos are dated April, 1972

Photos from reunion lunch: 10/26/2022: (1) Arlene Medenwald, Karen Ferguson, Don Watson, Patty Miskowiec, Kathy Harris, Jerry Land, Sally Walker Debbie Underhill. (2) Karen Ferguson, Arlene Medenwald, Debbie Underhill, Sally Walker, Patty Miskowiec, Kathy Harris.

Photo from reunion lunch: 12/9/2022:  From left:  Janet Crider, Jerry Land, Patty Miskowiec Stokes, Bill Stokes, Dan Laskowski, Joy Shaw Jeffras, Sally Smith (Walker), Karen Ferguson, Arlene Marie Sheean (Medenwald), Kathy Harris Perry, Tom Hanna:  

From Mark Hittle:  "These are of my birthday party in 1960, so we were 6 years old.  Our house was in Old Speedway on Allison Avenue.  Mark Burcope is the one in the striped shirt and sitting on the couch in two of the photos.  In the photo where we are eating, Tom Sutphin is sitting to the left of the TV.  Other attendees included Rick Rodee, but I don't know which one he is in the photo.  All of the others moved before we reached 7th grade."

Photo from reunion lunch on 2/10/2023.  Left to right: Jerry Land, Kathy Harris Perry, Clayton Foxworthy, Arlene Medenwald Sheean, Sally Walker Smith, Tom Hannah, Dan Laskowski