Pam Anderson-Meijas, Edinburg, TX: Places I’ve taught/travelled for my career: Argentina (Fulbright), Chile (Fulbright), China, Germany (both FDR and DDR and since), Mexico, Morocco, Samoa, Scandinavia. I have family living in Grenoble, France; Perth, Australia; Florida; Wisconsin; Los Angeles, CA; & Baltimore, MD. Plus, 2 step children, 4 step grand-children, and 3 step great-grand children.

No. of Children: 3 plus 2 step-children

No. of Grandchildren: 1 plus 4 step-grand-children

No. of Great-Grandchildren: 3 step-great-grandchildren

Memories of SHS: Mr. Horoho singing the newspaper front page…Mr. Wagner dropping off a couple of us from speech meets to our Job’s Daughters meetings…Mrs. Hines 6 rules of English composition …Mr. Johnson sitting in rehearsals with his cutoff finger apparently in his nose…etc.

Phyllis Draper-Woodward, Plano, TX: After graduating, I received my B.A. in Home Economics Education at ISU, but my focus was on gymnastics where I participated on the team all four years. I met my husband there, who was also a gymnast. During college, I committed my life to Christ and this decision changed the trajectory of my entire life. After graduating, I got married and coached for 10 years. We traveled extensively, moved 10 times the first ten years of marriage and participated a couple of years in a Professional Gymnastics Tour. After having our children, I taught school for eight years and while I was there was introduced to an opportunity to take a mission trip to the Amazon River. In 1996 I took my first mission trip into the remote areas of the Amazon jungle and realized how much need there was on the river. I also realized I was in a position to help them, so I quit my job in 1999 and a group of us started a non-profit called Amazon Outreach. Now in its 23rd year, I am the Development Director and have been on over 80 trips to the Amazon River serving the “Forgotten People” there. We take medical and dental help, bring eyeglasses and drill water wells to name a few things we do to help. My husband and I have traveled the world visiting 10 countries and many places in the U.S. Our life is amazing and we are blessed to have our two kids, granddaughter, my mom (who is 90) and sister all in the Dallas area.

Married to Barry Woodward 05/07/77

Children: Layne (39) and Barrett (37)

Kent Evans, Indianapolis, IN: I taught at Franklin Central for 38 yrs., 23 as Athletic Trainer (5 State championships). 30 yrs as a Gordon Piper at the 500, been in Winner’s Circle more than the 4-time winners. Play bagpipes as a hobby and my ’74 Triumph Spitfire. Children are in New York, Denver, and here in Indy. In 2019, I was inducted into the Hall of Fame for the State Athletic Trainer’s Association. My wife is an RN and has been for 41 yrs. Live on the Southeast side of Indy.

No. of Children: 3

No. of Grandchildren: 1

Memories of SHS: The lunches, singing in the chorus, singing in small groups, struggling in languages, musicals, and Working in athletic events.

Kathy Harris Perry, Avon, IN: After graduation, I was married and we had three children together. However, the marriage failed after six years, and I became a single mom of three, working in a secretarial job for the City of Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development. After about a year, I met and married my second husband Mike. We have been married for 42 years. He not only married me, he loved and adopted my three children, becoming their legal father. He also encouraged me to go to college, a dream I had given up when I married my first husband. So, while working full-time and raising three children with Mike, I attended I.U.P.U.I at night and on weekends, earning my B.S. in Business Administration. After that, my career took off. I worked in Information Technology for the Associated Group (BCBS), EDS, IBM and, finally, Eli Lilly! I retired from Lilly in December, 2020. In 2004 and 2011, we traveled to China, adopting two girls We are blessed with 20 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. In addition to China, I have traveled to Italy, Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Peru. I was a Crisis Pregnancy counselor for seven years prior to the two adoptions. I have been a children's Bible teacher for 48 years, and serve on the Board of Directors for Spina Bifida of Indiana. I will always be grateful for the education I received attending Speedway schools and the friends who helped shape who I am.

No. of Children: 5

No. of Grandchildren: 20

No. of Great-Grandchildren: 2

Memories of SHS: I loved German, Art and Home Economics. I detested swimming class. I can still hear Nancy Thompson's voice sweetly saying, "Kath, keep up with the other girls," while "skulling" (I think it was called). I remember dissecting frogs in Mr. Clark's biology class, study hall in the library and the $.40 cent lunch with my friends in the cafeteria (Pizza Burgers, Beef Manhattans, Fish every Friday, Sloppy Joes... I can still remember how they all tasted - pretty good, actually.), school plays, football games, pep sessions in the gym ("Seniors, Seniors, don't be shy, stand and give your battle cry! V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, that's the Senior battle cry!"). So many good memories of days long gone. I attended Heritage Christian School my sophomore year; but missed Speedway so much, I came back my Junior and Senior years. Best decision ever!

Joseph Wilson, Danville, IN: I have 4 children, Luke, Samantha, Hannah, and Chelsea and 8 (soon to be 9) wonderful grandchildren. I graduated from Purdue University in 1977 with a degree in Forest Production. I have been involved in biohazardous waste my entire career after a brief stint at Keller Manufacturing, a now defunct furniture company. I along with Luke and Sam started Bio-Response Solutions in November 2006 and have grown it and are still growing it. In my career I have been in 40 different countries, something I consider a great part of my exciting business life. My wife has dedicated her life to raising 4 amazing children that have each made us very proud. We semi retired about 7 years ago and bought a trawler in Florida and lived on it 3 winters, traveling all over the Southwestern Gulf from Tampa to Key West to the Dry Tortugas, then sold that and built a home in Danville (we had never built a home, the experience was amazing). We adopted from high kill shelters two different unrelated 70 pound mixed breed shorthaired dogs to run the land at our home and have really enjoyed them as our second family. I replaced that boat with a 24’ Stingray center console fishing boat and we get houseboats every summer for 1 week at Dale Hollow (our favorite week of the year) with all kids and grandkids (takes 2 boats hereforward). Last year we bought a motorhome and a lot down in Florida to take it to each winter (Dec through Mar) at Riverbend Motorcoach Resort in LaBelle and had a great time this winter. We plan to live in our home in Danville until we croak (we love it there) and do our 4 months in Florida each winter as long as we can. I play golf there and race RC cars! Barbie makes quilts at our home. I still work part time and enjoy keeping myself “in the game”. It keeps me going. 3 of my kids work for the company that Luke, Sam and I started back in 2006 and we pinch ourselves all of the time as to how well that has worked out.

No. of Children: 4

No. of Grandchildren: 9

Dan Laskowski, Indianapolis, IN: Spouse: Dorota [Laskowska]; 7274 Lakeside Woods Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46278; (317) 366-2828; Married 25 years (6/28/1997); Work history: Fourteen years with HP, sixteen years with Wood-Mizer, sixteen years between jobs/giving back; Education: BSEE Rose-Hulman IOT (1975); Master’s in Theology Cincinnati Christian University (2015); working on Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership Johnson University (2025); Three kids, seven grandchildren, six great-grandchildren (one more on the way); Summary: Spent about half the last twenty-nine years in Poland. I teach an entrepreneuring class at local high school, teach Sunday School, play with 3D printers, play the tuba in a couple of orchestras, and help at an annual Christian English Language Family camp in Poland.

No. of Children: 3

No. of Grandchildren: 7

No. of Great-Grandchildren: 7

Peggy Pierce Bowen, Kennesaw, GA: George and I married in 1978. He was a package deal, so I had a bonus son, Tony, right away. I taught for 7 years before having our first daughter, Geri, (who will be 40 this year...aargh). She teaches third grade and has 1 daughter and 4 sons. Her oldest just turned 21, so we celebrated with a trip to Vegas. We moved to Atlanta when I was pregnant with #2 daughter, Chelsea. She is a labor and delivery nurse who has 1 daughter and 4 sons. We all live 15 minutes apart which is great! Most of my traveling includes a beach, but I managed to make it to Paris one year.

Other Interesting Information:

  • I'm a 4th generation Purdue grad. My parents met there, & I was born in Lafayette. I broke the mold when I went to IU for my Masters.

  • I take tons of pictures & always have. I kept a camera in my purse long before smart phones. I actually still organize prints old school in albums which started in high school. I now have my life as well as the kids' & grandkids' captured on film in 85 albums. Yes, I'm that chick.

  • I'm the oldest of 5 girls, so many of your younger siblings went to school with my sisters.

  • My great grandfather, Everett Pierce, was the superintendent of grounds & buildings at the track back in the day. His home is still standing on the property & can be seen from 16th Street. He occasionally hosted drivers & knew Carl Fisher.

No. of Children: 3

No. of Grandchildren: 10

Memories of SHS: Parties at Don Strouse's. Working at Barnacle Bill's where all-you-could-eat fish on Wednesdays was $1.35. Time at the track during May! (& explaining to people over the years why I'm a Sparkplug...highly amusing to many) Hanging out with Diane, Jerri, Katherine, Susie, the other Peggy, Keith, & of course, my boyfriend, John (hit up 3 proms). High school was a great experience for me & holds many fond memories (many of which I couldn't possibly share)

Janet Gullet Elrod, Indianapolis, IN: I have been employed at IU for 47 years and been working with my boss, Dr. Lawrence Einhorn (cured testicular cancer), for 45 years Been married for 46 years on August 28 of this year – 2 children – Heather and Zach, 2 grandchildren, Avery and Amelia, ages 6/8.

No. of Children: 2

No of Grandchildren: 2

Memories of SHS: athletic queen - great friendships - Booster Club - ballgames

Karen Ferguson Begley, Bargersville, IN: After high school, I went to Ball State University and majored in Home Economics Education. I taught one year at Speedway Junior High, where I met my husband. We moved to Muncie where I taught at Southside High School. The rest of my career was teaching FACS at Greenwood Middle School (38 years). I retired in 2018. We've been married for 43 years, we have two sons and have been traveling since I retired. We've been to Ireland, Iceland, and traveled across the United States. I so regret not staying in touch with people from HS. Sadly, I will be out of town for the reunion. Thank you so much for planning this 50th reunion!

No. of Children: 2

Memories of SHS: loved hanging out with friends. Going to Dairy Queen. Going to all the ball games

Clayton Foxworthy, Plainfield, IN: My wife (Carol) and I have called Plainfield home since 1987. We have a son and a daughter and 3 wonderful grandchildren. I retired from the transportation industry in 2016. During my career I held various positions in the administration, training, and driving.

During my working life many hobbies and interests kept me busy. One passion has always been golf- which I’ll never be good at but enjoy playing. Another was working and creating stain glass works. It’s a great way to spend winters indoors! I also have a love for sports cars of old vintage- primarily Triumphs. I’ve owned and restored three. Carol and I would go on rallies with our local club and won several events! Car shows were fun too- great memories!

In 2018 we purchased a vacation lake home in Santa Claus, IN. This now is my new hobby. I spend a lot of time there. Our lake home is older and is a constant “ work in progress”. Gone are the sports cars, now replaced with a pontoon boat, fishing poles, and a beautiful view of the lake. If you’re in the area look me up.

Life is good!

No. of Children: 2

No of Grandchildren: 3

Mark A. Hittle, Lowell, IN: Now retired – too many former employers to list. Held positions in Operations and Quality Management in various manufacturing environments but primarily in food processing. The last 7 working years were spent as a contracted consultant working for numerous food manufacturers.

Married to Lynn (Hofmockel) Hittle (class of 1974). Two children and four grandchildren.

I graduated from Purdue in 1976 and later received an MBA from Butler in 1981. Lynn Hofmockel (SHS class of

’74) and I got married in June, 1976 and began our life together. We’ve lived as far west as Idaho and as far east as Maine with several places in between, and we’re now enjoying our retirement living in northwest Indiana in the town of Lowell. We have 2 children, Brad (age 42) and Angela (age 39), and they each have 2 children. The four grandchildren range in ages from 14 to 8. Lynn and I enjoy playing golf, fishing (a real adventure when the grandkids are with us!), hiking, and traveling throughout the country. Each year we meet up with our friends from college in a different location, and those trips always provide plenty of fun and reminiscing.

No. of Children: 2

No of Grandchildren: 4

Memories of SHS: Living in a town that is famous world-wide but provided the small-town environment that was great to grow up in.

Rick R. Taylor, Indianapolis: Retired as Building Administrator for Chapel Rock Christian Church. My wife and I have continued to live on the west side of Indy, just west of Speedway. We have been members of Chapel Rock Christian Church since 1980. My wife was a high school teacher, recently retired, at Covenant Christian High School. Our son is married and lives near Memphis. Our daughter and her family live in Brownsburg. We love spending time with our daughter and son-in-law and our two granddaughters, ages 14 and 11. I enjoy history, particularly military history of the Civil War and WW 1 & 2, and working out to “try” to stay fit. My wife and I enjoy walking together and watching all types of movies. I also enjoy road biking and Indy Car racing, especially the Indy 500.

Other Interesting Facts:

  • I saw the Beatles in concert at the grandstand of the Indiana State Fair grounds.

  • I’ve been to the Indianapolis 500 fifty-five times. My 50th race was the 100th running of the Indy 500.

No. of Children: 2

No of Grandchildren: 2

Memories of SHS:

  • The last day of our senior year in the cafeteria, when the seniors formed a long train and sang Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey-ey, Good Bye as we weaved through the tables of underclassmen. Man, that felt good!

  • Mr. Crumley constantly shooting free throws before and after gym class with a standing invitation for anyone to challenge him. Also, if you caused any trouble in class, he’d make you rue the day you were born!

  • Going to swim class immediately after lunch and the strong smell of chlorine making my stomach turn.

  • Our girls winning the GAA basketball state championship!

  • Dreading going up to the board in Mr. Simon’s class because I was not very good in math.

Katherine Ramsay Sarver, Westfield, IN: After graduation, I attended Purdue University earning a degree in Elementary Education. It was at Purdue that I met my husband, Rick Sarver. (He always kids me about being a Sparkplug!!) We were married on August 9, 1975 after he graduated from Pharmacy School. This August we will celebrate 47 years of marriage! We lived in Speedway for the first 6 years of marriage and it was there that our 2 children were born. Scott (wife Melissa) is 42 and Kimberly (hubby Ryan) is 39. They have blessed us with four beautiful grandkids-Tyler(15), Brayden(12), Isla(10), and Hudson(8). We are fortunate that we all live close to each other in Hamilton County!

From Speedway we built a home in Brownsburg. My hubby's job took us to Columbus, Georgia for three years and then to Clearwater, Florida for a couple more. We then made our way back to the North suburbs of Indy, where we have lived ever since.

I worked for Xerox for four years and then stayed home with my kids until they were school-aged. I then taught Kindergarten and preschool at a Christian school in Zionsville for 28 years before retiring four years ago.

Church involvement has been a very meaningful part of our lives. We have been a part of youth leadership, small groups, Great Banquet, prayer ministry, and prison ministry.

We also kept busy for several years building custom homes. We are currently in our 12th - and hopefully final - home! We have enjoyed traveling to much of the US, Costa Rico, Mexico, Italy, and the Caribbean.

I plan on spending my retirement enjoying my family and friends and doing more traveling!

No. of Children: 2

No. of Grandchildren: 4

Memories Of SHS: ballgames, German class and Club with Herr Roe, Studying Greek mythology forever with Mrs. Hines, dissecting frogs in Biology, synchronized swimming class.

Patricia (Patty) A. Miskowiec Stokes, Indianapolis, IN:

Married the love of my life Bill 49 years ago and we continue to live in the town of Avon Indiana. We have 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren and totally enjoy our precious time together. Putting Christ first in my life has allowed me many opportunities over the years. I have 26 years of banking experience which includes credit cards, customer service, collections, credit loans, 7 years in human resources, and 9 years as an office manager (including 7 years of plumbing). Retiring last October has allowed me to travel more and continue with my desire of helping others.

While enjoying family time, my passion is traveling, baking, and gardening. Since my ethnic background is Macedonian and Polish, baking gives me physical and mental therapy. It’s a joy making unique dishes while sharing my dishes with many. My life goal is to live a Christ-centered life, so far all is well but the best is yet to come!

It’s been very rewarding traveling abroad to Israel, Greece, Turkey, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, the Caribbean, and many more places as well as visiting 46 of the 50 states in the USA. As I love traveling and seeing God’s country and I’m very blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. Yes, I’m on Facebook!

No. of Children: 2

No. of Grandchildren: 5

Memories of SHS: Some of my fondest memories at Speedway High School were attending the basketball and football games with my friends and being goofy. Being pretty shy during my HS years and looking back at the time I tried skipping school and was caught by Mr. Pollard….well, it just makes me laugh thinking about it. Others got away with skipping but not me lol. Believe me, I’m not shy anymore!!

Jerry R. Land, Plainfield, IN: I worked in the utility industry for 40 years, 38 of it spent in HR. I worked in all areas of HR, but most of the last 20 years were spent in labor relations - dealing with the various unions which represented our employees. I retired in 2016 and after working within a corporate bureaucracy for that long, I was glad to be able to do things I enjoyed and use some of the creativity I’d kept to myself for all those years. Now, I’m trying to learn to write (novels), I’m working hard to learn to speak German, (thanks Herr Roe for giving me a good head start) and I keep busy volunteering with my church, Meals on Wheels and a few other activities. Mostly, I enjoy being a dad and grandpa.

I met my wife Trudy at IU. We were married in 1977 and have two children, Alison and Chris. Trudy and I have six grandchildren who are the loves of our lives. We spend as much time as we possibly can with them. They are 9, 8, 7, 6, 4 and almost 1. We have a cabin near Spencer, Indiana where we go whenever time allows. We also have a small RV and make several trips around the Midwest during the warm months. I still run, but much slower and for shorter distances than I used to. I’ve run in about 35 of the 45 Mini Marathons here in Indy. I’ve had one book published. It’s about industrial safety based on my work experience. I have a B.S. and MBA from IU and continue to be an IU basketball fan, although it’s been a struggle lately!

Other Interesting Facts: I’ve been to 53 straight Indy 500’s (I saw that Rick Taylor is 2 ahead of me!) I lived in Princeton, Indiana for 3 years and Wabash, Indiana for 2 years, other than that, I’ve lived in central Indiana all my life. I met my wife at a dorm party at IU. I’ve taught HR classes at IUPUI for 35 years and continue to today, although now they’re all online, which I don’t like. The date of our 50th reunion (August 20) will be my grandson Teddy’s first birthday and, were she still alive, it would be my mother’s 100th birthday.

No. of Children: 2

No. of Grandchildren: 6

Memories of SHS: Playing sports, the joys of competition and the comradery with teammates. Winning the half mile at the Metropolitan Meet which featured the best track athletes in Indy and surrounding counties. Having John Owensby as a coach. He cared about us and wanted us to succeed. Getting in trouble in Mr. Simon’s calculus class for laughing uncontrollably at something – I have no idea what it was now. The people I had most of my classes with from seventh grade to senior year – Mark Hittle, Don Strouse, Patti Smith, Gail Bell, Linda Vehling, Craig Smith, Pam Anderson, Debbie Scott, Kim Eggert and many more. Pulling a prank on Mr. Smith with Jim Price and Glenn Miller which we thought was terribly funny, even if no one else did. Governments of the World class parties at Mr. Trager’s house. Mr. Pollard and Mr. Crumley taking our team to Hinkle Fieldhouse for an All-Star Game practice and meeting---Tony Hinkle. Getting a day off from Summer Basketball league in 1969 to stay home and watch Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. Getting excited when there was a rumor that Indiana was going to reduce the drinking age to 18 (I was 18 at the time), but then having Mr. Hutchings patiently explain the lengthy process of changing that law and the unlikelihood of it happening. And finally, senior day picnic at Turkey Run (or was it Shades?) State Park when we had to hide from the park rangers for what seemed like several hours.

Steve Williams, Carmel, IN: President, Williams Custom Art Builders. Married to former classmate, Mari Medenwald.

No. of Children: 2

Mari Medenwald Williams, Carmel, IN: Married to former classmate, Steve Williams

No. of Children: 2

Debra Meyer Brunoehler, The Villages, FL: Phil and I married in 1979. Made our home in New Castle Indiana until both retired from teaching (Blue River Valley School Corporation-High School teacher) . Now live in The Villages FL (don’t believe everything you hear please) and are frogs (there til we croak). All 3 children are married and we are unable to attend the reunion because we are traveling from June 1 through October 1 in our 14-foot travel trailer. A new grandchild will be born at the end of July to our son and daughter-in-law who live in Kodiak AK and then in September another grandchild will be born to our son and daughter-in-law in Appleton Wisconsin. From mid-August until the beginning of September we are returning down the Alcan (Alaskan Highway). I am an avid golfer.

Other interesting facts: I discovered duplicate bridge after the last child flew the nest. I’m now a Silver Life Master and certified to both direct games and teach classes. If you love card games, this is the one to learn to play!

No. of Children 3

No. of Grandchildren: 5

Memories of SHS: The swim team and Nancy Harrison. Math with Mr. Simons. Homecomings and decorating the float at the Watsons.

Sally A. Walker Smith, Tipton, IN: Employer: Ascension Health-Electrophysiology RN Coordinator. My husband, Gary and I have been married for 46 years. We have 3 children: Matthew,42, Civil Engineer, wife Kiley DDS, and they have 5 kids. Adam 40 Pharmacist, and Captain in Marines, wife Brooke JD, and they have 4 kids. Haley,32, BSN, husband Justin farmer, 2 kids and they live in IL. I have lived in Tipton for 46 yrs. My hobbies include golfing and quilting. I golf on a ladies league and with Gary. My friend and I started a book club 16 years ago “Tipton Page Turners” and it is still going strong. I have been in the same card club over 30 years. My husband and I enjoy traveling. We went to Europe when our son was studying in London. We went to Scotland and saw town where my mother was born. We also visited France. We have visited Alaska and Hawaii as well as most of the contiguous states, and are looking forward to visiting the other ones.

Other interesting facts: I live on a small farm in Tipton county, we built our home on the farm that has been in my husband's family for over 100 years. I have even had to help my kids with their 4H hogs. That was a learning experience for this city girl!

No. of Children: 3

No. of Grandchildren: 11

Memories of SHS: The girls winning state in swimming. Mrs Hester almost getting hit in head when some of the guys messed with clock above doorway. Mr Tragers essay tests. A group of us going to a basketball game at Southport in Arlene’s Corvair-her dad specifically saying no more then 4 kids, there were prob 8 of us and the windows kept steaming up on 465!

Craig Smith, Weldon Spring, MO: My father and my brother Doug have passed away and my mom died in June, 2021 at the age of 93. My siblings, David and Amy are both well and living in Indianapolis. My wife, Aniko, and I are also well and living in St. Louis. She is Hungarian and is actually a Contessa. Her father's grandmother was a relative of the queen. She can trace her lineage back to Atilla the Hun. She has regaled me many times with family history from WW1 & WW2 and the Hungarian Revolution in the 50's that would make the producers at the History Channel envious.

Linda Ward Gruber, Brighton, CO: I have had a life well lived. After Highschool I attended IUPUI and IU Bloomington and received my bachelors in Medical Technology. I married just after college. I worked at Indiana University hospital in the Endocrine lab for three years. I then worked part time while I raised our three daughters. We lived in Waukegan IL; Gonzales LA; then moved to the armpit of the United States-Memphis TN. Can you tell that wasn’t my choice? I raised my kids there, divorced, received my degree in nursing and worked as an RN in a level III NICU for 30 years. Which was my dream job. I retired last year after rotator cuff surgery. When my daughter asked me to move with her family to Colorado I gladly accepted and now live in Brighton Colorado and love it there. I have spent the summer in San Diego while my daughter took a travel assignment here. It is beautiful. My hobbies are papercrafting, walking,and travel.

Other interesting facts: I‘m slightly obsessed with Disney parks. My kids don‘t get it but my youngest granddaughter is right there with me.

No. of Children: 3

Memories of SHS:

  • Trick or treating after a football game with bandmates using our hats for baskets

  • Pep Band at basketball games

  • Speech meets because participation got you an A in class; I’m not afraid to speak in public now

  • Listening to Moody Blues with my bestie Cheri Williamson

  • Getting into trouble with my friend Pam Lambert

Arlene Medenwald Sheean, Indianapolis, IN: After high school I went to Indiana University and received my BS degree in Nursing. I worked at IU Hospital as charge nurse in labor and delivery for 2 years. Then I moved around and worked at several other hospitals throughout my career. I met my husband at a Christian fellowship and we both attended a Biblical research college and received our degrees in Theology. We have been married 43 years. We have 2 sons – one lives here in Avon, Indiana, and our other son lives in Hawaii. We have 7 grandchildren from college age to 4 months old! So we see it all!

No. of Children: 2

No. of Grandchildren: 7

Memories of SHS: Being part of the girl’s swim team and winning the State, athletic princess, prom queen candidate, being with my friends, football and basketball games.

Terri Kottaridis Libby, East Orleans, MA: Since graduating from SHS I went to IU school of Dentistry for Dental Hygiene. Upon graduation, I starting practicing in San Francisco then accepted a position in Zurich, Switzerland. While there, I met my husband of 43 years, Frank, who was an Air Rescue Helicopter pilot and we both lived in Stuttgart, Germany and traveled throughout Europe. After a year we relocated to the Boston area where he went to law school, I practiced dental hygiene,raised one girl and two boys and spent most of our time in hockey rinks. If we are not in NY City or the suburbs of Westchester County, we split our time between Boston Back Bay and Cape Cod. I retired from GE Financial and now spend my time keeping up with my grandchildren, playing duplicate bridge, gardening and listening for shark alerts….

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend as I have a house full of family that weekend, but I look forward to updates on the website and send my best to all my classmates!

Number of children: 3

Number of grandchildren: 4

Memories of SHS:

  • Swim Coach Nancy Harrison’s support and kindness

  • Word jumbles in Mr. Smith’s class

  • Overwhelming fear at having to type thirty words per minute to pass typing

  • Senora Gutierrez’s Spanish class

  • Befuddlement of four years of sewing in Home Economics

  • Class camaraderie working on the float at the Watson’s

  • Lingering embarrassment of having bellowed my Girl’s State speech in the auditorium

  • Listening to newly released albums in Viddy Comsa’s bedroom…

Jo Ann Brooks, Aiken, South Carolina: I remember taking my widowed mother to her 50th high school reunion in Evansville and thinking isn’t it nice these older people can get together and now it is US! Here is a quick update on my life. I live in Aiken, South Carolina where my husband #2 (Bill Townsend) and I retired in 2020. It is a very small town along the South Carolina/Georgia border. We have two Labrador retrievers, and he enjoys golf and I have two horses. I continue to swim and coach a small master’s swim team. I have no children, but stepdaughters and numerous step grandchildren who barely know me and could not pick me out of a police lineup. I retired in 2018 from 45 years or so at Indiana University School of Medicine and Indiana University Health in multiple positions. Got a PhD along the way and ended my career as System VP for Patient Safety and Quality. I continue to do healthcare consulting parttime for pharma and device companies. I do not miss working fulltime.

Over the past 50 years, had the typical ups and downs in life but have weathered the storms. Think overall I am doing OK and more and more, try to live each day to the fullest as there is no guarantee of another one.

Memories of SHS: What do I remember about SHS? Grace Hine’s English class and Herr Roe’s German class. He bluntly but politely let me know that German was not a good choice for me. I sat next to Mark Hittle who was fluent in German and that made it even worse! Herr Roe had the index cards with each of our names and it was pure terror hoping he did not pull my card to answer a question. Other memories—taking typing classes, short-hand, working on our yearbook and on the homecoming floats. Loved going to the basketball and football games. Lots of other memories!

Looking forward to seeing and talking with everyone! THANK YOU to the Reunion Committee for putting this all together.

Scott D. Phipps, Broken Arrow, OK: I lived in Speedway/Indianapolis until 1982 when I accepted Christ in my life and moved to Nashville, TN to manage a gospel singer. I then lived in California for a year before returning to Indianapolis where I lived and worked (except for 6 months in England) until 2005. I began a career with FedEx in 1989 and worked with them until retirement in 2018. I've been married to Judy for 30 years. We married in Indianapolis and after our daughter Nicole graduated from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK we moved to Tampa, FL in 2005. Once our daughter got married and had our grandkids we moved to Tulsa in 2011 to be full time grandparents, and we now live in Broken Arrow (suburb) where our kids own a business. Our grandson and granddaughter both play several sports including soccer, football (Cooper), run cross-country (Tennyson - currently #1 in the State for 7th graders), and run track (both). I’ve been doing mission work to share the Gospel of Christ since 1988, which is my passion, and now Judy and I do many trips together to share Jesus. My second passion the last 13+ years has been health. I’ve ran 5 marathons, 10 half-marathons, many 5K’s, and have been doing CrossFit for 6 years (I have my Level 1 Certification). Other hobbies include golf, travel, and being a sports grandparent.

Number of children: 3

Number of grandchildren: 4

Other interesting fact: I’ve done mission work in 15 different countries, including living in England for 6 months.

Memories of SHS: Interesting question.

Larry Hofmockel, Centennial, CO:

Education & Employment: Graduated from Purdue University with Bachelors and Masters degrees in Civil (Structural) Engineering. Worked my entire 41 year career at Walker Parking Consultants, specialists in parking structure design and consulting. Started in the Kalamazoo, MI office and was there for 14 years before transferring to Denver where we’ve now been for 31 years and where we’ve chosen to retire. Retired in 2018 as a Senior Vice President where I was responsible for four offices in the West Region from Texas to Colorado to California. Don’t miss being on the road three weeks out of every month for years.

Personal info: Married to Barbara Jean (“BJ”) Johnston for nearly 43 years. Three kids living in Kalamazoo, MI; Lexington, KY; and Castle Rock, CO. Five grandkids ranging from ages 12 to 3 in those three cities. My 96 year old dad still lives in my childhood house in Speedway, and we attend the Indy 500 together every year. I have been to 51 races and he’s attended 81, starting in 1936. BJ’s mom is now 101 and still going strong in Kalamazoo. We make lots of road trips from Colorado back to the Midwest to visit family.

SHS memories:

  • Senior year football team didn’t win many games, but last game of the year we clobbered Avon by a score of 41-6. Great way to go out.

  • Running into coach Johnson during football practice and him breaking a couple ribs. Then, at the year end sports banquet, having him introduce me to his wife and saying “That’s the boy who did it to me!”

  • Saturday morning track practices with Coach Owensby running up hills and jogging back down. I would be halfway up when the rest of the team was already coming down, so I would just turn around and join them. I got caught!

Hobbies/interesting facts:

  • Golf

  • Skiing

  • Travel

  • Collecting vintage (1920’s to 1960’s) electric toy trains. Several years ago I got interested in collecting old American Flyer toy trains that I’d had as a kid. During the pandemic lockdown, I built a 12’ x 14’ layout in the basement and have dozens of engines, hundreds of cars and many operating accessories that provide hours of fun for me and the grandkids.

No. of Children: 3

No. of Grandchildren: 5

Larry Hofmockel (right) and his brother, Steve (left).

Joy Shaw Jeffras, Fishers, IN: After graduating I received my BS degree in Physical Therapy from IU School of Medicine. I have been employed at St Vincent Hospital for the past 47 years. I have worked in several specialties, Cardiac rehab, Orthopedics, Home Care and the School system. I am currently semi-retired; I work 3-4 days a month at the Carmel and Fishers Hospitals. I enjoy my profession and not ready to completely retire.

I have been married for 47 years to my husband Charles, we live in Fishers, Indiana. We have two daughters that are married and have blessed us with 5 grandchildren. Cari lives in Brownsburg and is an accountant and Amber lives in Fishers and is RN Manager of Neurology at St Vincent Hospital. We have grandchildren ages 4, set of 6 yr. old twins, 9- and 12-year-old. We keep busy with dance, gymnastics and travel baseball and basketball games. We enjoy being a part of their lives.

In my free time we enjoy hiking, boating, playing pickleball and traveling the US and Europe.

My best memories of SHS are cheerleading, attending ball games, after game parties, working on the floats, working in attendance office for Mr. Pollard, playing volleyball and basketball and just hanging out with friends.

One interesting fact- I danced in the 1987 Pan Am Games Opening Ceremonies. It was a great experience.

No. of Children: 2

No. of Grandchildren: 5

Conni Smith Dunn, Carmel, IN: For years I worked at Eagle Creek Elementary as a Nurses Aide then retired from that and decided it was a little boring at home so for 7 years I worked at Leppert Funeral Homes In Carmel and Indianapolis. Mike and I live in Carmel and attend the many sporting events of our 4 grandchildren. I know the reunion will be a lot of fun to see everyone and catch up with my classmates. Have a wonderful time and long live the class of 1972.

No. of Children:

No. of Grandchildren: 4

Marcia Pierce Ellett Barker, Greencastle, IN:

1974-1978 Worked for Dr. Robert Callis, My childhood Orthodontist

1978-1985 Stay at home mom

1985-1994 Owned and operated The Hardware Center in Danville, IN with my late husband, Mike Ellett, until I began working at DePauw University

1994-2014 DePauw University (Retired)

While at DePauw I worked in the following areas: Administrative Assistant to the VP of Academic Affairs, Hartman Center for Civic Education and Leadership, Education Studies & Environment Fellows (split position)

Jamie Stockton, Ph.D, was the Dept. Chair of Education Studies and the person who hired me in that department. She happens to be the daughter of our SHS Math teacher, Mr. Simons. She loved it when she learned I had her dad for Algebra.

As a staff person I also worked with various student organizations: I was staff adviser several years for JC Christian Fellowship, a student led organization (usually 150-200 Christian students who met weekly for Bible Study, Praise and Worship). I mentored many female students in weekly Bible studies. I supervised 25 DePauw Community Service Interns who did service within Putnam County and I traveled as a staff supervisor to Longmont, CO to work on Habitat for Humanity homes and also to Nazareth Farm in West Virgina to do community service projects. In the Environment Fellows Program, I helped in the selection of Environmental Honors students, worked with Enviornmental facuty and set up their weekly meetings.

Major benefit of working for DePauw University: Both of my daughters received the tuition remission benefit for all of their tuition fees

Personal Information: Married to Mike Ellett for 30 years until he passed away suddenly in 2004. We had two daughters together: Melissa and Melanie. Melissa graduated from DePauw University in 2000 and Melanie in 2003.

September of 2005, I was invited by a friend to attend an outdoor church service. While I was at that event, I met my current husband, Dale Barker, a farmer, whose wife had passed away within months of Mike's death. That night after the church event Dale called me and asked me to dinner that next week (Two days later, I said yes to his invitation, after informing him it was just to "hang out" and not a date!) The next year, Dale and I were married and we have celebrated 16 anniversaries together. I have 2 stepsons, 3 biological grandchildren and 7 step-grandchildren and I love them more than they will ever know.

About me, my family, hobbies, etc

I went to ISU after graduation until 1974, married Mike ( who had been one of my bosses at the Speedway Hardware Store during my summer job in 1973), lived in Avon until 1978, then moved out in the country to Coatesville in Putnam County, where we raised our daughters and lived, until Mike passed in August of 2004. Because of his passing, I decided to move closer to DePauw University and my church. I sold our home and I bought a spec house that was being built in Greencastle and it was ready for me to move in November 2004. Luckily, Mike had sold the hardware store in 2003, so I didn't have to worry about what to do with the store after he passed. After marrying Dale and trying to live in two houses for the first two years (he has to live where his farm is), I decided to sell my Greencastle house and move to the farm permanently. We then began a total remodel of the farm house. If you travel west on U.S. 36 on your way to Raccoon Lake, you will most likely pass our home. While living in the country, I have learned about gardening and canning and crops (corn and soybeans) and raising pigs (Melanie showed pigs in 4-H). Dale traded in my John Deere mower and bought me my own Kubota mower and I love it! I do most of the mowing and weed eating.

Melissa lives in the Atlanta area and Melanie in Boise, ID, so all of my spare travel time is spent in those two areas. Dale did give me a 10-day cruise as my retirement gift, so I can say that I have traveled outside of the U.S. I love to read and I just bought myself a beautiful blue bike that I am happy to say I am able to ride and it is going to be my new pastime.

No. of Children: 4 (2 biological and 2 stepsons)

No. of Grandchildren: 10 (3 biological and 7 step-grandchildren)

Memories of my time at SHS: There were so many special people in our high school, but my main people were Linda Watson, Donna Fritch, Karen Lind, Sue Quebbeman, Kathy Roberts, Dean Soots '71 and John Buckley. I was so sad to learn of John's recent passing. He was kind, respectful, so fun, and the world lost a really great person when he passed. We had amazing teachers at Speedway ( Mrs Hine, Mr Simons, Mr Frazier, & Ms Harrison were special ones to me).

Interesting Fact Classmates Wouldn't Know: On some lunch hours at DePauw, the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and I would go swim laps at the DePauw pool. I didn't know it at the time, but her son who coached our laps at the pool, was to become the most famous African American Navy Seal, David Goggins (author of "Can't Hurt Me").

Patti Smith Madison, Downers Grove, IL: Pat and I have lived in Downers Grove, IL for the past 38 years. We raised our 3 kids here, and now have 4 granddaughters, total.

I graduated from Purdue with a degree in elementary education, and taught (4th-8th grades) before becoming a full-time mom. Later, I substitute taught and aided in special needs classes--opened up a whole new beautiful world for me. I still enjoy singing, and am a member of my church choir. Would love to harmonize again with Robbie Barnes Ritter! :)

No. of Children: 3

No. of Grandchildren: 4

Diane Hagaman Washburn, Pittsboro, IN: Shortly after graduating I married my high school sweetheart, Baird. We were blessed with 4 children, Marty, Stacy, Kirsten and Ashley. We built our home in Pittsboro (Brownsburg school district) where we have lived and made many memories for 36 years.

After staying home to raise our children I was offered a job with Brownsburg schools. I retired after our daughters were out of college and married. Since retiring I have helped with our grandkids and my elderly aunt and uncle.

When we can get away, Baird and I enjoy traveling. Our trip to England and Scotland is my favorite. We have two states left and we’ll have been to all 50.

Our son, Marty, passed away in 2005. We miss him every day.

Our daughters live close by. Stacy lives in Brownsburg. She works in neurology at Hendricks Regional. Stacy has 2 daughters, Kayla(25) and Talia(17), a senior at Brownsburg high school. Kirsten and her husband, Brad, live in Pittsboro. They have 3 children, Ryder(9), Harlow(7) and Oren Martin(5). Ashley and her husband, Nic, live in Danville. Ashley is a registered dietitian. They have 2 daughters, Lainey(9)and Mellie(7).

Baird and I will celebrate our 50th anniversary this fall!

My memories of SHS include being with friends, early choir practice, art class and all the football and basketball games. It was a great experience.

No. of Children: 4

No. of Grandchildren: 7

Jeff Risley, Speedway, IN: Carpenter Realtors, Associate Broker 45 years with the same company, Never married, no kids or grandkids

Memories at SHS That was so long ago nothing stands out.

Interesting fact about me... Mostly Real Estate related

2012 Received the Distinguished Service Award from MIBOR

2000 Receiver the REALTOR of the Year Award from MIBOR

1990, 2000, 2009 was names REATTOR of the Year for Western Division of MIBOR

Graduate of the Real Estate Academy of Leadership

Served on the MIBOR Board of Directors

Served on the Board and an Officer for the REALTOR Foundation

REALTOR Emeritus

Served on the Board for Workers in Theatre ( IRT and Phoenix Theatre)

Hobbies and Interests : I enjoy gardening, cooking and baking. Collecting Dept 56 , And everything else it seems. Red flags are 'First in a Series" or "Limited Edition"

Lived in the same house since 1962 , currently primary caregiver for my 93 year old Mom.

No. of Children: 0

No. of Grandchildren: 0

Phil White, Marion, Iowa: I attended ITT Tech and received an Associate’s degree. I started Collins as a test tech and worked my way up to roles such as software developer, systems analyst, systems engineer, and engineering manager. I retired after 38 years in 2011. Laura and I met after high school at a program assisting adults with disabilities. We married in 1976, and our first daughter born in 1980 has Cerebral Palsy. She currently lives in a group home near us. We have been strong advocates for those less-abled since we met. Our other three children and the grandkids all live in the immediate vicinity and keep us very busy.

I love to garden, play with the grandkids, volunteer building wheelchair ramps, as well as all things nature.

Memories of SHS: I remember marching in the 500 parade and around the track with the band. Loved doing tech for the plays. Tennis became a long time sport for me playing competitive leagues in Iowa.

Interesting fact: I am a Certified Iowa Master Naturalist and often volunteer to teach at the local Nature Center, as well as build displays for them.

No. of Children: 4

No. of Grandchildren: 5

Debra (Debby) Scott Ruklic, Crete, IL: After graduation, I went to Miami of Ohio and graduated in 1976 with a BA in zoology. It was pretty obvious by sophomore year that my ineptitude in organic chemistry was going to dash any hopes of becoming a doctor. I met my husband, Jay, during the summer before my junior year while I was working with (and dating) one of his fraternity brothers at Butler. We were married 8/21/76, and I moved to the south suburbs of Chicago where he had grown up and then worked in the family business. We lived in Tinley Park, then Homewood, and in 1980, we built a house in Crete, IL, where we still live.

I worked as a medical assistant in a pediatrics practice until our first daughter, Alyssa (Aly), was born in 1980. Abigail (Abby) was born in 1982, and she was followed by Kacy in 1986. I kept busy with 13 years as a Girl Scout leader, presiding over PTO's and Post Prom, selling Pampered Chef, and being a cheerleader/softball/volleyball/bowling mom. In 1998, as Aly headed off to college, I took on a job with our school district testing vision and hearing, pre-K-12. That lasted 11 years, along with subbing in the district schools as health aide and doing medical records. I worked as the full-time Health Aide at Crete-Monee HS from 2009-11. I have since worked as a paraprofessional, most recently as school librarian at two of our district elementary schools. I retired in January, 2022, after 23-1/2 years.

Jay and I have 2 grandchildren, Kali (7) and Logan (5), who belong to Abby. Kacy got married in May, so we're hoping for one or two more! The two we have keep us busy. Abby is an athletic trainer who now works as office manager for a sports medicine physician. Kacy is a high school guidance counselor at Crete-Monee.

Memories of SHS: I have so many great memories of Wheeler, SJHS, and SHS! It was a great place to grow up. Football and basketball games; being in Modernaires and singing at Lafayette Square during the holidays; Mrs. Hine's English classes for two years, and our Greek banquet at The Acropolis (?) when we studied mythology; Herr Roe and his index cards; Mr. Simons throwing erasers when someone wasn't eyes on him; and Mr. Nay saying, "I'm from Missouri. Show me." are some favorites.

I wish I could be there with all of you, but it just didn't work out. I hope you all have a great time!

No. of Children: 3

No. of Grandchildren: 2

Kathleen (Kathy) Woolery Vaagen, Edmonds, WA:

Job Title: Hygienist

We have lived in Seattle since 1979.

Memories of SHS: At the senior talent show, when the Shakey's employees wore their striped uniforms and straw hats and lip synced Mr. Sandman.

Sherrie Craig Wilson, Clayton, IN: Three months after graduation, I got married to my best friend. We lived on the southside of Indy for the first 45 years. Five years ago, we sold our home, and built a new on in Clayton, IN. Over the past 50 years, I worked at Indiana Bell, Southport United Methodist Church, Beech Grove Schools and Anthem BCBS. After 10 years retired, I went back to work at Mill Creek Schools. I didn't have to, I wanted to and I absolutely love it! I work with two great teachers in 5th grade. We love going to our place at Raccoon Lake and boating. We also love going to Gulf Shores. AL.

We have three wonderful children: Nikki, Kyle and Brittany. All are married to great partners. I have six perfect grandchildre...Haley, freshman and cheerleader. Hunter, 6th grade football, basketball and baseball. Corbin, 3rd grade basketball, soccer and baseball. Brantley also 3rd grade and plays spring and fall baseball. Kyla is in 2nd grade and is a little cheerleader. Austin is in 1st grade and does basketball and baseball. They are our world.

We have had 50 wonderful years and pray for many more.